Day: December 6, 2023

Hong Kong Pools – The Perfect Day Out

With the summer heat in full swing, Hong Kong pools are the perfect escape. From swanky infinity pools overlooking Victoria Harbour to family-friendly water zones, this list has everything you need for the perfect day out.

Public swimming pools are open from 15th April until the end of October, with fees ranging from HK$17 per person on weekdays to HK$19 on weekends (except public holidays). Rates are higher for adults and seniors and cheaper for students, children, and individuals with disabilities.

In addition, many hotels in Hong Kong feature their own pool facilities that are perfect for a refreshing dip. These pools are usually much larger than public pools, and some even offer spa facilities. This is a great option for families who want to enjoy their vacation without worrying about transportation costs.

The hongkong pools offer a variety of services and amenities, including fitness equipment, lounge chairs, food vendors, and a children’s play area. Some also have a sauna or steam room and are open year-round. Guests can purchase tickets online or at the entrance of each pool. Alternatively, they can buy tickets at local banks or at retail outlets.

A hongkong pools is an ideal place for a family getaway, and is a great way to get some exercise while enjoying the beautiful scenery of hongkong. It is a safe and fun way to relax and get some sun. It is also an excellent way to spend time with friends and family members.

In Hong Kong, there are 45 public swimming pools and around 500 licensed private ones. However, a shortage of lifeguards means that around 20 of these pools may only partially open this summer. This could have a negative impact on both swimming clubs and the city’s sports development. The Hong Kong Recreation and Sports Professionals General Union said on Tuesday that 20 of the 45 public pools had contacted swimming training institutions to warn them that some of their facilities would not operate this summer.

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