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Will the U.S. Fall like Rome? By Vinh

"When read together, striking parallels emerge - between our failings and the failings that destroyed the Roman Republic." This quote was said by Steven Strauss, and it accurately represents my side on whether or not America will fall like Rome. There are several reasons I believe America will fall like Rome. For one, the U.S, like Rome, spends far too much money on its military. The U.S. is also having problems in terms of income equality.

First, I think the U.S. will fall like Rome because of military overspending. Due to the constant wars of Rome, the money going into the military was simply too much to keep up. The economy was already failing during this time, so eventually, they could not keep the funds to train a whole army, and resorted to hiring barbarian mercenaries who would later turn on the emperor. The U.S. is also spending a lot of money on military, up to $700 billion. In order to put this in perspective, the following, slightly paraphrased quote by Howard Steven Friedman says in the article “5 Countries With the Highest Military Expenditure,” "In fact, the United States spends more on its military than the total spent by China, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, and Turkey combined." It especially is obvious when those countries are respectively the second, third, fourth, fifth, and fifteenth countries that spend the most money on military.

Now, you may believe this is a great decision. After all, with only two land borders and the rest bring water, it would make it extremely easy to defend against the two countries we are next to. However, this is illogical. Rome had a strained army and vast expanses of land. They could not let their guard down or else an armed enemy could just stroll through. However, the U.S. could easily relax in defending the borders. David Carthage states in his article on pintsofhistory.com, "Finally, the U.S. Is largely surrounded by water, with only two neighbors across a land border, neither of which has any incentive to invade, or a strong military." This quote clearly indicates that neither neighboring land country has any incentive to attack, nor do they have the power to attack even if they wanted to. If we relaxed our military, it would not cause much harm to the U.S, and the money can then be better spent elsewhere.

You may think that Rome's harassment and abuse of immigrants, which would lead to its downfall, is not at all like America's situation with immigrants. You would be correct; Howard Steven Friedman states, in the same article, "Plus the U.S. is the original immigrant nation, and despite discrimination and battles over immigration policy, it integrates immigrants as well as any state in history.” This quote shows clearly that the U.S, unlike Rome, integrates immigrants very well. However, with this positive comes another problem. As I’m sure you are aware, slavery was a problem in Rome. This was because, since the slaves were cheap, free labor, jobs of Romans were taken by slaves. This destroyed the middle class, as well as reducing people’s incentives to have children. In the U.S, immigration is fine and dandy, but it results in American jobs being given to cheap, overseas labor, resulting in a failing middle class. This is supported by Steven Strauss, who says, “In our own day, we’ve witnessed rising income inequality, stagnating middle class, and the loss of American jobs to cheap, overseas workers who are paid less and have less rights.” The similarities are too clear to ignore. The loss of American jobs is similar to the loss of Roman jobs, as well as the jobs being given to cheap workers that get paid less being comparable to jobs being given to slaves that work without getting paid.

To conclude, I truly believe that America will one day fall like Rome. This is because of military overspending alongside the loss of American jobs to overseas workers who are paid less. If you believed that the beginning of this essay that America would not fall like Rome, I sincerely hope reading through it made you rethink that opinion.

Interpreting the Original Story of the Roman Empire By Jessica

The Roman Empire regards Romulus as its founder. In the myth, twin brothers, Romulus and Remus, were abandoned by their great uncle, Amulius. The foundlings were saved by a wolf and then adopted by a shepherd.
Amulius killed the twin’s mother in order to prevent them from someday inheriting the throne. Similarly, Romulus was willing to kill his own brother to protect the city he was building. Therefore, both men show a strong will to succeed, and we can assume that Romulus is a natural born leader for whom power is more important than family. His uncompromising will to lead has become the blueprint for the ideal leader of the Roman Empire. Rome stood out in history as one of the first Empires that ruled most of the known world, and it ruled with an iron hand. The Romans were determined and efficient in their efforts to rule the world.
Rome’s total commitment to power is best documented in Romulus’ cry ‘So perish all who dare climb these ramparts.’ after he killed his brother for encroaching on his territory. Not only does this statement foreshadow the extreme pride of this new nation, but also Rome’s violent nature. "Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam" ( “Furthermore I insist that Carthage must be destroyed” ) was a plea Cato the Elder (234-148 BC) used to finished every meeting of the senate to convince his fellow senators that they shall not rest until Carthage would be destroyed to prevent that it ever can attack Rome again. Carthage, an old enemy of Rome, had attacked the Empire twice in the past. This shows that for Rome, there is no forgiveness. Enemies must be destroyed.
The violent nature of Rome can possibly be attributed to the fact that the founders were reared with wolf’s milk. Their warlike disposition was basically fed them from infancy, just like hormones in a mother’s milk can influence the development of a newborn. In addition, wolves, said to be the most efficient predators, hunt in groups with a well-coordinated strategy. They will encircle their prey before attacking, and make sure it does not get away. Similarly, the Army of Rome was well-coordinated and made to fight. Each single soldier was a part of a well-trained whole. Romans used many fighting strategies, such as the ‘tortoise’, the ‘wedge’, or the ‘orb’, which made their lines virtually impenetrable to their adversaries.
In the story of Romulus and Remus, he who spots the most vultures from his hill will be the founder of the new nation. Romulus spotted twelve vultures, six more than his brother. Why is this significant? Assuming that the Romans thought of vultures the same way we do, we can think of them to represent bad luck or even death. Since the vultures were observed from a distance and did not land on the hill, their passing could be regarded as good fortune or, in other words, mortal threads diverted from the city of Rome. Therefore, the more vultures would pass the hill, the more threads would be diverted by that city. Since more vultures did pass the Palatine Hill, this would be the perfect location for fending of attacks and thus divert death in the future.
In conclusion, the myth of Romulus and Remus can be seen as a character study of the Roman Empire. It does shed light onto many traits the actual Roman Empire had. Even though it is probably only a story, it was very true to how Rome did act, its attitudes, and its approach to war.

Commercial About Bulldog Tech By Students

Students asked other student to come up with words to describe Bulldog Tech. They used those words to make a commercial about our school:

Critical Friends

At Bulldog Tech the staff and students help each other learn through a process of critique. Learn more about how we do that by watching a movie from our partner the New Tech Network.

Student Poem By Thao

It's just something I wrote for Young Authors~

Golden armor shining brilliantly

Crafted so skillfully

He is destined to be

The one we shall bow to on one knee

The King of Heroes

Unimaginable power

All his foes shall be devoured

A small smirk upon his face

Fighting with such godly grace

A golden lance by his side

Carried with unyielding pride

Putting all the kings to shame

He shall be the winner of the endgame

Student Involvement

At Bulldog Tech we try hard to meet the students where they’re at in being involved in our school community. An example of this is a student, who on his own time, came up with an art piece that he wanted share and give to our school. He now comes every morning before school to paint this art piece on our art wall. We feel privileged that we can give these moments to our students.


Virtual Tour

Mr. Hollenkamp spent some time creating a cartoon animation of himself giving a tour of Bulldog Tech. Nothing beats the real thing, but if you’ve never been to Bulldog Tech then spending three and a half minutes watching the tour will give you an idea of what it’s like:

Shark Tank


Oh no it’s a shark…oh wait. False alarm. On Monday night, lurking in the waters or shall I say, streets, our 4 math teachers attended an event much like the popular show, Shark Tank, that airs on ABC. During the event, there were 10 companies or “entrepreneurs” that gave a 3 minute elevator pitch on their products and why the investors should invest in their products. In the 1st round, the 1st panel of judges did 7 minutes of questioning and narrowed it down to 7 entrepreneurs and did the same for the 2nd round until only 4 companies remained. As you know, our 4 math teachers and 4 others were there. Not only did our teachers leave the event excited and energetic, they also left as fellows. As fellows, they get to test one of the 4 companies’ products and give feedback on how it should benefit students and how they use technology. So I will leave you saying this “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”- Thomas Edison. Don’t go through life always giving up, just try and one day, you could end up like Steve Jobs. He had to go through a lot to be an entrepreneur and have an idea like his succeed. So what’s your idea and how can it change the world? Make your idea the best it could be and just don’t give up.

-Iliana R., 8th grade Bulldog Tech student

Respect Poem

This poem was read by Mr. Hollenkamp at a recent school meeting:
RESPECT By Don Wilson

Respect is a lesson that everyone should learn
Respect must be given before an expected return
Respect is something that’s given for free
Respect is about us and never about me
Respect is the basis on which relationships are founded
Respect is the anchor that keeps a person well grounded
Respect builds the character and defines who we are
Respect sets the standard and raises the bar
Respect is magnanimous and helps to fulfill
Respect is the partner that sits with good will
Respect is like honey so sweet it’s perceived
Respect a taste to savour for when it’s received

Why is the Snow White? By Thao-Ngoc (BT Student)

“Why is the snow white?”
He paused for a moment before answering.
“Because it has forgotten what color it used to be.”
He loved the snow.
It was something that gave him freedom.
It was something that could be anything he wanted it to be.
The snow was colorless, fragile, and ephemeral,
But it gave color to his life.
It was something that caused hindrances in the winter,
And is the source of many incidents in the mountains,
But it made him feel secure.
It was something cold and unforgiving,
But it made him feel warm.
It was something that didn’t last,
It was something that would never last,
But for the time being,
The snow greeted him every morning,
And in return he would be there to greet it,
Until it disappears into the spring ground.